Angela M. Ortiz is a self-taught figurative artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, creating original canvas paintings and mixed media art found to be a blend of both expressive and realism. Her work allows her to explore the beauty of the human form in all shapes and sizes, challenging herself by using different perspectives and techniques that invite the viewer to see her art in diverse ways.

Being raised along side of talented visionaries naturally inspired Angela to follow her inherited passion for art. Originally a yoga teacher and amateur photographer, Angela’s evolution allowed her to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of her artistic talent even further. Her use of various materials create a texture and symbolism that allow each work of art to tell a story.

Angela currently works out of her home-based studio located in North East Albuquerque.

Howlin' Torch Studios

My love of jewelry began in my grandmothers jewelry box. I remember being about eight or so trying on and admiring all her lovely costume jewelry. In high school I took an introductory course to jewelry. The remaining years I had an art teacher who nurtured my interest. Out of high school I worked for a few jewelry companies learning the different facets of the industry, all the while I honed my craft and invested in tools whenever possible. Thirty-five years now is where I am on this road of hand crafted artisan adornments and I'm still in love with jewelry.


Barbara McCulloch

Barbara says she is “a boots on the ground - head in the clouds” oil painter. Her work begins outdoors with a process of collecting nature’s colors and spending time looking into a subject until she feels a heart connection. Then she translates it into paint.  Sometimes a scene calls for an impressionistic offering and sometimes the studies go back to her studio and explode into abstraction. “It’s really all about love. If I can paint with the love I feel for nature, it just might continue the journey to a viewer. That for me is a successful painting.”
Her art life has evolved from illustration, pottery, watercolor and now to her favorite medium of oil. She lives and paints in Santa Fe.

Elias Vargas

Born in Albuquerque, NM to a family of musicians, carpenters, and artists alike - he has always enjoyed being creative. However much of his younger years were filled with his love of sports - playing basketball and soccer. As Elias grew, each year he began exploring his artistic side more and more. Through the years, he has lived in Albuquerque, NM, Seattle, WA, Long Beach, CA, Guadalajara, MX, and now lives in San Diego, CA.

“Living and traveling all over the world has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and through those adventures - my style of artwork has grown and evolved”

Elias received his Bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico, where he met and learned from fellow artist and friend, Jorge Avena. Together they started Cosmic Companeros Art - an art based business that designed and created murals throughout the Southwest U.S. Their style was influenced by the notion of the Raza Cosmica at the forefront of everything they painted; this philosophical concept was first put forth by Jose Vasconsuleos in the early 1900’s, that here in the Americas - we are one evolving union of people. And therefore the art is representative of that idea.

Ultimately, Elias’ art is a reflection of his experiences, visions, and the universal spirituality that exists within all of us. The subjects, textures, styles, and colors are reflective of the world as he sees it and ultimately envisions it.

“My goal is always to create artwork that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also to invoke and create an emotional, mental, and spiritual response in which people can feel the passion and beauty that connects us all”



Jenny Ortiz

Jenny Ortiz is a native New Mexican born and raised in Santa Fe, NM. Jenny left home at a young age and started working at Signs of Santa Fe where she has been able to express her talent in art and design. "Things that are extraordinarily strange and beautiful" are the types of art that interest her the most. Jenny has been active in many craft shows and markets over the last five years. Most notably, she has appeared at Comic-Cons 15 times and counting and this year would have marked her third year in Santa Fe's Contemporary Hispanic Market. She has been featured in "The Love of Art New Mexico" magazine. She also has works in Arizona's Lady Death Museum and has been interviewed numerous times on the TTI Radio Network.



Kim-Jimi Park

Kim-Jimi Park grew up near Philadelphia, PA, spending many afternoons, weekends, and summers outdoors. Her love of the outdoors sparked a childhood curiosity, wonder, and delight of the natural world. This joy of nature combined with an interest in drawing and painting gave her the opportunity to enter several juried art shows where she sold her first still life when she was just in her teens. With encouragement from her high school art teachers, Ms. Park attended Philadelphia University (formerly Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science). Later, she transferred to Pennsylvania School of Art and Design where she studied color theory and became interested in the use of color as a form of expression in her work. Under the guidance of the school dean, Ms. Park transferred again, this time to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design (formerly College of Santa Fe) in Santa Fe, NM. After graduating with honors and receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Ms. Park completed an education program at New Mexico Highlands University and began teaching English and Fine Art in New Mexico. In 2016, she graduated from Kutztown University with a Master of Art Education degree. Ms. Park is currently teaching art in the Santa Fe Public Schools and has been teaching for over 20 years in the Santa Fe area.

Ms. Park’s interest in the beauty of the Southwest landscape and her knowledge of color and form has been influential in her oil and acrylic paintings, as well as her mixed media art work. Her fascination with natural forms and their relationship to the surrounding environment has translated to her observation of human and animal forms, as well as still life objects. The meeting of edges, forms intersecting, and overlapping in space, all interconnected by color is prevalent throughout her work. More recently, Ms. Park has been working with images inspired by science, aerial photography, geography, and cartography, including the use of maps, both real and from the imagination. Her work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions in Pennsylvania and New Mexico and is held in multiple private collections. She has also had the honor of being a juror in the youth division of the Annual Traditional Spanish Market sponsored by the Spanish Colonial Arts Society in Santa Fe.

Ms. Park currently works and resides in Santa Fe, along with her family, both two-legged and four-legged members.


My name is Lauren. I am the owner and designer of Desert Dog Designs. A botanical online jewelry shop in ABQ, New Mexico. I create jewelry inspired by nature using real flowers, botanicals, and epoxy resin. When I create a piece of jewelry I want it to invoke a story or memory of a beloved space from the natural world. I want you to dream of walking through a spring meadow bursting with life or relive a moment when you walked through an overgrown forest. I want you to remember the mystique and wonder it evoked. Life should be an adventure, no matter how small. I hope I can share that with you through my art.


Lauren E. Johnson

My current paintings depict fruits, vegetables, and other natural wonders. Having been immersed in the art world of Santa Fe, New Mexico for ten years, I developed my signature painting style while studying at the Institute of American Indian Arts. In my latest works I express my passion for color, flavor and life. I paint on canvas or panel and work in acrylics, oils, and oil pastels.

Lauren E. Johnson grew up in Lawrence and Baldwin City, Kansas, studied at the University of Kansas and earned her B.F.A. in studio arts at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2015. She lives and works in Santa Fe.


Viva Momaday
I’m a poet and painter living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I hold a BFA and
an MFA from the University of Kansas. I’ve published two books of
poetry -- Burn and Subterranean Red. For several years, I edited and
published a literary magazine called The New Mexico Poetry Review. I
also published numerous book reviews in The Kansas City Star and
other newspapers and magazines. I paint mostly in oils. My style, which
leans toward abstraction, continues to evolve, but is deeply influenced
by New Mexico culture and landscape. I am a fifth-generation New
Veronica Kovats
I'm a Sacramento, CA based artist. My work is best described as expressive realism and surrealism. The mediums I like to use are oil, watercolor, ink and digital art. I concentrate my work on a variety of subjects: Chicanx and Mexican culture and history, anxiety and depression, self-love and acceptance. It always brings me joy when people find a connection in my work and it’s a clear reminder that we are not alone in our struggles.
"Corrina Hughes is the owner of Kokopelli Design Studio. She enjoys sharing her own unique and quirky spin in a wide array of original southwestern designs. She enjoys working with a wide array of materials - metals, wood, leather, crystals, polymer clay, precious stones and the unconventional applications of these materials. She works in small batches so that her collections remain unique. Drawing her inspiration from her beautiful desert surroundings, New Mexican folklore, extensive NM roots and rich artistic family history, she hopes to share a little bit of love, inspiration & happiness with those who seek out her work."
Michael E. Martinez

Michael E. Martinez has been a striving artist for 25+ years. He grew up in Chimayo, NM, where Northern New Mexico culture grows rampant. Michael creates original works of art, through a variety of media. He specializes in paintings and graphic design. His style and flair represent his past, and present experiences all while keeping his Northern New Mexico values and culture embodied in his work.

Michael has received many awards and accolades for his work, which include the Contemporary Hispanic Market First Time Exhibitor as well as becoming one of Santa Fe's Zozobra artists. New Mexico Tourism Department has also named "Michael Martinez Designs" New Mexico True Certified in 2017.



Lindsay D. Williams 

Lindsay D. Williams is a 2008 graduate of Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Illustration. She studied comic book illustration, children's book illustration, poster design, typography, and graphic design under top professionals in the industry.

She has designed for many types of clients throughout the country from large corporations such as Nike and Xerox to small independent businesses, start-ups and production companies. While her focus in the past was in branding, print, and poster design, she now finds herself back in love with illustrating and landscape painting.

Lindsay is currently building her new portfolio and focusing on showing her landscape paintings in galleries, self publishing an illustrated tarot deck and painting a vintage 1970s Chevy Nova.

Her art combines different types of media in digital, acrylic/gouache painting and collage and has a quirky and colorful style that finds influence in Japanese woodblock prints, low-brow art, 1960s poster design, folk art, and retro-kitsch Americana.

Lindsay is based in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.